For this project, we were partnered with another design student and tasked with designing a packaging system and social media campaign for a fictional gender neutral skincare line. We were also encouraged to find ways to make our packaging eco-friendly. My partner was Kallen Brown, and you can find more of her work at 
We named our skincare line "Emerge." Most skincare and makeup brands revolve their identities around making the person using them more beautiful. The concept of "Emerge" is that the products would not be aiming to change the user's appearance, but rather to reveal their natural beauty. We cut the bottoms of of the letters to give the appearance of the logo "emerging" into the light. We also tried to use general neutral coloring that would appeal to any gender identity.
This shows what the packaging of the products would look like. We decided that our line would have three products: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a mask. Rather than plastic, we decided that our line would feature reusable aluminum packaging for our products since aluminum is highly sustainable and easily recyclable.
These are the social media marketing materials that we made that could be used to advertise the brand on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
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