For this project, we were asked to create designs for a Shakespeare in the Park production of one of Shakespeare's famous plays. I chose the play "Twelfth Night" as my muse. We needed to create a poster design that could also be used to make ticket stubs and social media marketing materials.
The plot of this play revolves around a love triangle between four characters, or rather, three characters. The female lead, Viola, is pretending to be a man named Cesario, and both personas get wrapped up in the drama. I created a spiral design out of sentences that state who each character is in love with. These spirals create an optical illusion that is distracting and confusing to the eye, and represents the confusion created by the complicated relationships and secrets in the play. 
For the tickets, our challenge was to create a cost-friendly design that would require printing less paper. I chose to make tickets that had the show dates listed at the bottom where an attendant could use a hole puncher to mark the date of purchase of the ticket so that it could not be used for re-entry on another night. This way, only one design would need to be printed for all of the show dates.
These are the images that I created that could be posted on Instagram and Facebook to promote the event.
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